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He who doesn’t shout the truth, when he knows the truth, make himself an accomplice of liars and falsifiers! "

Charles PEGUY

To the readers:

Since the Algerian war ended in July 62 the ones who insult the French Army have not yet disarmed event though the French soldiers try to forget... They are the same, those who betrayed the French Expeditionary Corp in the Far East, and are now writing the "history" of our Indochina war, those who helped the FLN, traitors to their country, who since 1961 write, tell, teach in their own way the "history" of the Algerian war.

The French youth has been, and is still, purposely misinformed. However no one can denied that militarily speaking, our army had won the war. No one can either deny that there were more Algerian Moslems in the French army than with the FLN army, called Army of National Liberation, based in Tunisia and Morocco. No one can deny that the FLN has drawn to him a part of the population trough threats and terror and that ten of thousands of faithful Moslems have been assassinated in atrocious conditions.

But all of this is kept under silence now by our "historians" who deliberately scrapped all the facts that could be of nuisance for their friends, the "liberators of the Algerian people...".

More than 3 millions young French have served in Algeria with Honour and Fidelity but nowadays it is only good to talk only of the few communist deserters who were the shame of our army, and to present the others, all the others, as looters, torturers. This systematic will to insult our soldiers and to glorify our enemies fills up our schoolbooks. In the history book for terminal classes published by NATHAN one can read page 272: " The French soldiers practised blind repression, torture, summary executions, elimination by all means of the rebels ( FLN or ALN )."

By the same publisher in the book for grade 3 ( last grade of secondary ) :

" Full strength battalions plundered, executed, massacred. Torture was used as a normal tool to obtain intelligence".

Never one of these " historian " of a new and special kind believe necessary to explain to French school children the way by which " the fellaghas patriots " were doing their "liberation war". They only say that the bombs, attentats, executions were aimed only at collaborators, by this they mean the Algerians who desired to stay French, who had served France, and who did not want to betray her.

It will be necessary that one day our children learn what bloody kind of enemy our soldiers were facing, that tens and tens of our POW’s were simply and purely assassinated by the FLN and that after the so-called "victory" these heroes kidnapped close to 5000 Europeans ( men - women and children ) and massacred in an atrocious and insane way close to 100000 Moslems faithful to France. Today, some of these propagandists for whom France and Occident are always wrong, do not hesitate to qualify this period as ...a holy war. But it is them also, with the same tricks used yesterday, who hide from the people the truth about a certain delinquency and the scope of the attentats and crimes committed on our soil by people who should not be here as, for the most, they are here illegally.

If as a whole the Algerian population is not responsible for the acts committed yesterday by the revolutionary killers manipulated by international communism, it is criminal today to leave the same leaders enrolling on our soil these poor uprooted, presented as exploited, even though they enjoy in this country which they insulted before and still do, living conditions thousand times superior to those they can hope to possess in their own " free and independent" country of which the utopian and socialist leaders can only bring misery, and organised black market.

They are the same fearless professionals of subversion hiding now more than ever behind a so-called religious curtain, who lead our country into a future like Lebanon, helped once more by those who betrayed us yesterday.

French of all races and religions who want this country to live, wake up! If not you will cry tears of blood!

What words are worth

February 1985: civil servants of Algeria, who claim to have belonged to the FLN at the time of the Algerian "war", have accused the French army of torture.

The first remark that come to mind is that these men recognise to have belonged to an organisation responsible for ten of thousands of atrocious crimes, of which the following pages give a mild example. One of them, Ali Moulai assumes the monstrous bombing of the Corniche, where 10 people died and 90 wounded, most of them loosing limbs. The others might have been accomplices in one example that follows, or similar crimes.

The second remark is we first must agree on the meaning of words.

What is terrorism?

It is a strategy that seeks to impose its will by way of terror. That terror could be the result of different actions, which have as common goal to put in jeopardy the belongings and lives of those who are to be enslaved. Since 1917, terrorism is the preferred auxiliary of any Marxist revolution.

What is indiscriminate terrorism?

It is an action by which the terrorists leave to chance the choice of victims. For example, when a bomb is set in a public place, the men, women and children who happen to be in the proximity at the time of the explosion have not been deliberately chosen by the terrorists. It could have been anybody else. It is also chance that decides the nature and seriousness of the victim wounds. This kind of terrorism is especially terrible because it is unforeseeable. It is particularly coward, as it struck innocent victims whence the terrorists themselves do not take any risks. But these terrorists can plead that their act is no more no less horrific and reprehensible that one of those bombs that where carpeting civilian objectives in the precedent World Wars. An essential precision: the war convention does not ban firing back at the bombers or artillery in acts of war. Would the terrorists pretend then to immunity?

What is torture?

Torture is the natural complement to indiscriminate terrorism. But it is of a completely different nature. As, in this case, the torturer is face to face with his victim, responsible of all his actions, that is to say of all the suffering he impose to a victim that he has chosen and who he can see suffering and dying in front of him and by him.

The documents presented here will allow you to judge what kind of torture is practised by the FLN murderers and the arabs gangsters. The victims are not here to witness, to talk about their suffering at their mutilation, of their slow agony and, no matter how is the courage of the soul, the revolt of their martyred flesh, the spasms and the involuntary screams that excited even more so the hatred and the sadism of the butchers.

Subversion create confusion

Those who accuse the French army of having tortured them are in good health, and in all their physical integrity. There is here a misuse of vocabulary that is not due to hazard and by which subversion creates and maintains confusion for its profit.

It is indecent that real torturers whinge about having been beaten up, them who have not been so soft in the tortures they submitted their victims to.

It is indecent that a sovereign country goes along with this masquerade.

It is worrying to observe these ultimate preparations for revolution and subversion, that seek to create a moral sanctuary to put the terrorists and torturers in, safe from any kind of repression. That is to say to assure their immunity before letting them loose in Europe.

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