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1/1/54 : a teacher couple, Mr & Mrs Monerot enter history; they fell into an ambush under the command of Chihani Bachir
"Kill them all ! Our civilisation is the Koran, not the one of the French dogs"

For the honor of the Koran, Caid Hadj Sanok did try to intervene " Leave this young people alone, they are here to teach our kids" he is the killed by the same burst of machine gun than Guy Monerot.

During the time of the " war " the arab radios relayed these words of hate :

" Brother in Arabism, carry on your struggle with tenacity. Fight for Allah’s cause. Fight against France. She has begun to crumble"


Creation in Teheran of a "autonomous cell of special action in foreign countries" under the direction of a Marxist Muhammed Naghach. And this is the credo of the Herzbollahs militias, organised and financed by the Ayatollahs as red as they are bloody:

"Our main enemies are the 3 imams of impiety: USA, France and Israel"

The enemies of France have not disarmed. But to disarm France even more, the criminals have become prosecutors, the executioners pretend to be victims, and their accomplices approved.It is only time to establish the truth.

Soldier Faloud, 29 BCT. His skin was tore off his right arm down to the bone while he was still alive.

The killers are saying

" My brothers do not only kill.. but mutilate your enemies in a public place... poke their eyes out...cut off their arms and hang them" (Ez Zitouna.)

" I, the Arabism, am a terrible force, a revolt that no one can put off, a volcano always grumbling; I am an unbridled storm, an impetuous torrent. He who does not know me has only to look at history, the silence of the graves and darkness are all mine"

"The heart of every algerians is full of hatred towards the french…Each algerian is ready to sacrifice is blood and his life to rise the flag of his country over the french corpses."

"The arabs raise as one man, the moslems too, to boycott everything that is french and they consider as an impurity blemishing their purity, like a fire that consume them. They will go on until the day the whole world will see the last french out of the Maghreb". ( Arab radios)

"That is why it is our duty to feel a strong hate and to give it to our descendants…Hatred is the first feeling of the nations, and the first step in the edification of the people".(A.H. Bakouri)

We think that powers raising from such methods, and the leaders who have let spread those marching orders in their media’s, have today no lessons to give to french who wish to live as french in a french France.

27/7/56 : Douar ZENATA ( REMCHI ) : 2 Moslems: Benmrah Bouhassoum and Beneli Mohamed were tortured by the FLN. Their heads were cut off with a sickle, then their penis was cut off and put in their mouth. This type of torture and humiliation is especially appreciated by Marxist terrorists since 1917

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