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The torturers in power

As we just saw, the moslem population has paid a heavy tribute to the anti-french "holy war". But this was nothing compared to the butchery of the ‘liberation" in 1962, that the Daily Telegraph expected as soon as 3 June 1957:

"What hope still exist not to see the road to "liberation" already paved with moslem bones, ending in a moslem blood bath?"

Harkis pushed and torn apart on the mine field, horrific tortures and slow agonies, these by the hundred thousands. Bernard Moinet the result of many years enquiry in a book "Ahmed, don’t know him" that has been carefully gagged by the great consciences specialised in western defamation, the professional petitioners of all marxist campaigns and other "french" agents of the FLN.

You are going to understand why:

"16 August 1962

…..At 0500 hrs all the prisonners (harkis arrested after independence) are waken up and separated in categories. As soon as 0600Hrs the first screams come up from the torture places. At 0700Hrs the population is invited to look at these new circus game.

Tens of harkis are now screaming to death.

Bodies sawed or decapitated, with knives, axes or sickle. These mutilations were not done on dead bodies, but on victims still conscious and whose suffering does not need any comments.

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