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Laichi Salah, former sargeant of the CCAS has suffer too the burns and the tearing off electricity. Now he has been transfer to another workplace. They started by cuting open the electrocuted and mentally destroyed body at around 1100Hrs. At 1200hrs an arm and a leg have been cut off. He was finished off after lunch.

It will be the same for Boviti Tahar, same for Rabah ben Ahmed, same for Alouani Said, same for Chenoufi Abdelkader, same also for tens of others.

At he same time raise the acrid and unbearable smell of petrol in flames and burned flesh. Some have found the last stock of petrol abandoned by the 2nd Spahis, and a great bone fire has been going on since the morning. One by one the harkis were thrown in the furnace, when call by their name, the others had to watch the horrific torture waiting for their turn, naked, in silence shaking. Now is the turn of the 15th victim.

But the ultimate refinement, the more subtle are reserved for group No 2, for which a free hand has been given to the operators. This is toward this group that the 3 political commisars send the maximum of spectators of all ages. And that is where horror really overcome imagination.

About ten of them, among whose Moussa Mahfoud and Moussa Amar, had already red hot iron sticks poked into their faces. They look dead, but not yet. Their eyes are wide open, fixed, still. Maybe they do not feel the pain and can only faintly hear the screams and noises around them.

The sargeant Djemal Bourouis, of the RIVET SAS, has had the fingers and toes cut one at the time. He had only 3 left, one at the left foot and two at the right hand, before they decided to slit his throat. Then they cut off his penis and testicles and put them in his mouth. He is here, a beautiful body of 27 spring, and already a stinking corpse amongst other corpses still panting who have not yet gone to the other side of life. It will be done this evening or tonight.

Harki Tahar, 117th R.I., has also his throat cut, but only after having strips of flesh cut from his arms and legs.

Former soldiers, nobles old men, religious leaders, throat slit because they loved France.

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