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 Massacre at PALESTRO

The ambush happened around noon on 18 May 1956. Unequal combat, as in all ambush. This one would cost the lives of 20 soldiers (called up) of the 11/9th RIC ( Colonial Infantry Regiment).

"We must stick to an irrefutable minimum. The first two corpses found 19/5/56 at 1900Hrs on the very spot of the combat, did not show - as I remember - traces of violence; but on some others found in the afternoon, they had been worked on with an indescribable savagery. In charge to identify the victims the 20th at Hospital Maillot (Algiers main military hospital), I had to examine the rests of this unfortunates in the presence of an MD: what we saw was so bad that I asked in writing for a medical exam as to determine the causes of death, and if the mutilations were done before or after. I have never been made aware of the results; I do not even know if that autopsy has ever been made…" Pierre Poingsignon, in 1956 lieutenant commanding the 6th company 0f the 11/9th RIC.

"Two mutilated corpses were lying in the bushes. Eyes poked, disembowelled and filled with stones. Testicles cut off, and feet with multiples knife wounds…"

In any war there are armies.

The arab-marxists armies already camped in France, ready to re-use the same methods

of yesterday in Algeria and today in Lebanon.

Doctor Maurice Feignon. Tortured with red-hot iron and boiling liquid before having his throat slit. While doing their job for Moslems, the MDs paid a heavy tribute to FLN terrorism, as a way to cut off Moslems from France.

Massacre of DAR BAROUD

To fight against France the FLN did not limit is scope of action to Algeria. We are here in Morocco.

This 23 October 1956, the rioters forced the police station around 1500Hrs. In the crowd the torturers took out a naked man torso, without head or limbs, upon which the crowd spat.

Then it was a man still alive, but with a large wound on his right side. Pushed, staggering, he cried"Mercy, mercy". He was doused with petrol and set on fire as a live torch. The savages put out the fire when there was no sign of life. The leader then cut off his head and put it at the end of a spike, as a target for the youths who were throwing stones. The body was then cut in pieces.

Then it was a third man, blood all over, and then a fourth still alive whose right arm had been torn off. At the sight a youth jumped on him and opened his belly with a knife. The blood spurted out. The rioters were drinking the warm blood coming out of the wound. Then their carried on with their dirty work, cutting strips of flesh from the still alive victim, and throwing them to the crowd who took them with eagerness.

Then it was a 5th body as mutilated as the one before, then a sixth policeman still alive whose head was smashed with stones.

The bodies were pilled up doused with petrol and set alight.

Climbed on a jeep a man with a loud speaker talked to the crowd, inciting them to go and massacre all europeans. He was speaking in good arab and we know for sure that he is an algerian teacher called Fra Rahali.

From an eye witness

The father J. Heffner aged 52 was the manager of a farm in AL HADJAR, county of DUZERVILLE, department of BONE ( now ANABA ). He was dining with his wife, daughter Jeanne aged 22, and his 2 sons André and Gonzague, aged 27 and 15. 

On the evening of 1/1/56, 7 terrorists came and ask for coffee. Then some of them took the 3 men outside, while the other 4 including their leader took Jeanne in the bedroom and taking turn hideously tortured her. Mr Heffner and his 2 sons had their throat slit. Mr Heffner had also all his fingers cut off.

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