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De Gaulle

 Even the children

The european peoples well kept under third world illusions, are at lost to imagine the degre of fanaticism and hatred developing in their mist by the agent of subversion and world revolution.

"A hatred in which children will be educated and that should not diminish in the heart of grown ups". (A.H.Bakouri)

So the 3 May 1956, 3 european children of AIN BELDA are tricked by their school class moslems; the martyrised bodies ,stoned and massacred, were found in a well on 23 June 1956

Many other acts of the same style have been reported all along the war time. We have even seen a moslem child, in the school play ground, knifed a european child with whom he was going to school everyday.

But one must be optimistic and hope that such acts will never be repeated, even with the call to Holy War by ayatollahs. And especially not on french soil, who fraternally welcome so many little arabs on the same school benches that the little frenchs, and more son since 1985 in some classes there are more arab than french children.

Photo of a 7 y/o girl. The blood and the spots explain the wounds.

Letter : " Sir, if by Wednesday 7 you do not give us the sum of 2 million Francs, that will have to be deposited in the hall of the building......before 1545hrs, near the stairs at the end near to the closet, your daughter will be abducted and will serve as a mattress for the National Liberation Army. It is useless to send her to a safe place as we have our eyes on her. If you do not comply with our instructions, your shop will be blown up and we’ll have your hide and your wife too".

European children victims of FLN terrorism. The one on the bottom picture is dead


The accomplices of anti french terrorists and torturers are particularly discreet about the realities of urban terrorism and its little innocent victims, europeans and arabs. If we are not careful, this could be the fate of our children tomorrow.

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