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Massacre of MELOUZA

28/5/57 : a gang of 80 terrorists surround the mechta Kasba, about 10 kms from Melouza. All the men and youths of more than 15 y/o are kept apart until night fall. Then the massacre start in front of the wives, daughters and sisters forced to look at the horrible sight. Some will become crazy. When the French army came in the morning they counted more than 300 corpses and 150 wounded. The smell of death was so strong that even battle hardened soldiers were sick.

Two days latter the same scenario at Ain Manaa and Wagram, 2 small villages about 20 kms from Saida.

The survivors and press correspondents tell us:

"…algerians slaughtered other algerians….muslims butchered other muslims…" from Temoignage Chretien.

"…with knives blows and axes, butchering them in a bloody frenzy…’ from Time Magazine.

"This actions are from a such savagery that one is at loss to believe that their algerians perpetrators have reach a degre of evolution superior to those of animals attracted by the smell of blood….The pleasure of inflicting pain is part of the rites…" from Politiken- Copenhagen.

"More than 300 corps, for the most horribly mutilated with a sadism absolutely revolting…" from Tribune de Geneve.

MELOUZA massacre: Moslems and Europeans are both stricken by massacres that give way to scenes of indescribable cruelty that spares neither women nor children. Pictures from massacres of 20/8/55 and 10/7/57

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