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De Gaulle
"Such refinement in cruelty worthy of wild beats". From Diaro

"This implacability, this inhumanity are scary". From the survivors, it seems that the fellaghas demontrated this kind of good feeling after a job well done". From Jean Dutourd

The horror from MELOUZA seems to awake for one moment the minds of the most lucids:

"It is not only, alas, the spontaneous explosion of sadistic instincs more or less contained in normal time. This is part of a system consciously elaborated and coldly executed…" From Maurice Duverger.

"….a terrorist path toward domination…" From J. Folliet.

But this lucidity was short lived and docilely the french medias will get people used to FLN independance . Some said that some weekly were created Express-ly in view of this goal.

The guilty FLN defend themselves by accusing, against all evidence, the french army. No one believe it , save of course Radio Moscow and the fellow travellers of world revolution.In France, Humanite (daily newspaper, communist) and Liberation from M. d’Astier de la Vigerie (gaullist/leftist), present such FLN accusations in such a way that these papers seems to accept them. So the inside ennemy did not wait for february 1985 to distillate his venemon against the french army in general and J.M. Le Pen in particular, as foreign observers can establish:

"We are aware the sneaky work that has been done by intellectuals and politicians in France. Those who generalised some islated actes of violence, have lead a hideous campaign against their country’s army…" From R. Braichet / Neuchatel

"Europe cannot wish to ignore what is happening in North Afriqua, an indiscriminating unbrided fanaticism let loose against Europe in general and against the West in particular…"

The 10 November 1956, near ORAN, 3 moslems murdered and mutilated with axe. You can see the body parts of one of them: Gasmi BACHIR. The 26 February 1956 the Agha of Douar OUZELLAGHEN, Mezianne Larbi, who did not want to step down from his duty, is kidnaped with his 2 sons, as well as the postman of the douar for the same reason. Their heads were discovered the 28 in the morning, under which the torturers had slip their ID cards. The bodies were never found.

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